WTF is KoalaBeard?

KoalaBeard is basically my personal journal, I write, take pictures & document my experiences because I don’t want to forget them. The good, the bad, the funny to the sad! I want them to stay alive. I like to look back at my experiences and see how far I’ve come. I created this for myself but it is also written to inspire & help other people on their travels. I want to give back the travel community for all the times I’ve been helped by beautiful strangers on the road. I also made it so my friends and family can see what I’ve been up to.

All views are my own. I don’t have a degree in literature, I try to write my articles as punctual as possible, at the end of the day though I never fully completed school.

About The name “KoalaBeard”
To me the funnest part of travelling is the people you meet! The people you stumble across for whatever reason really shape, change & if you let them, influence your next step. I travel with an open mind. I allow myself to have enough freedom to be spontaneous and able to go with the flow.

While working in San Francisco in 2012 I met quite an interesting person. Someone I will never forget. Her name was Angela. we just gelled. we became over night besties. It felt like I had known her a lifetime. Id never had an asian friend before so this was very exciting.. She use to call me her little fury Koala , only she didn’t know how to spell it she would call me Kawala in texts. She called me this because she thought I was cute, hairy & cuddly just like a Koala. The fact that I’m Australian didn’t help either.
When deciding what to call my website , I wanted it to have meaning , I wanted it to remind me of positive joyful time in my life.

The other half ‘Beard’ is inspired by, wait for it , my beard. There is more to it though.
Beards to me represent  patience, freedom, growth,  adventure, protection & respect. All great words to represent myself and my journey. Basically the longer my beard gets , the more wisdom and stories I shall have. #Beard4Life

I also relate to Koalas in some ways.
I like to eat myself into a coma.
I love sleeping , all day preferably.
I am hairy.

My favourite show growing up was Blinky the Bill, He was a mischievous koala that would go on adventures. He was created in 1939 and is an Australian icon. Fast forward to 2017 and I think he looks better with a beard.

blinky the koalabear



I enjoyed shopping  with Angela

Angela was my inspiration behind the name KoalaBeard

Cheese Factory in San Francisco

Cheese Factory in San Francisco

My inspiration behind the name KoalaBeard

I was her cuddly Koala

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