Visitor or local?

It’s quite obvious that I do like to travel. But what I really love doing is actually living and immersing myself into the different places. I think it is nice to visit a new place for a few days or a week or even a month. I do believe its even nicer to actually live there and become a local. For me to be able to completely grasp what a country, city, or town is all about I physically have to move there. I need to find work, a place to live, I need to find out places to eat. I believe in doing this you really learn about the culture.
A common question I receive from people is, “shouldn’t you visit the place before you move there to see if you like it”, What if you don’t like it”? Well I say life is what you make it , If i’m not liking it I will change my attitude and views until I like it. Or I will just try somewhere new. When moving to England, I had my shortlist of places I’d like to visit. I didn’t know where I might end up living though. I thought it might actually be Manchester. I never actually heard of this place called Bristol. It wasn’t until I was on my way to Manchester that I actually discovered this beautiful place that is Bristol. It’s good to have a rough sketch of where you might live , but its also good to keep your options open!
There are some places that are better to visit then to actually live. For example I really loved Madrid in Spain. I thoroughly enjoyed the culture, nightlife, people & look and feel of the city. Although while I was there I was thinking it isn’t a place I’d necessarily like to live. It is a place I’d like to spend random weekends at.