Have you ever wanted to just Vanish? Starting new with everything you’ve learnt so far is something I’ve done quite a few times. From moving out of home at 16 into my brothers. To moving to Melbourne at 18, to moving to America at 21, to moving back to my small town at 22. To my big move to UK when I was 23.

I’ve always considered these moves as vanishing! Vanishing from what you know to explore what you don’t. Its not about vanishing from your problems, your family or your responsibilities. To me its just about growing as a person. I’ve never been one to resist change. I believe it is the most beautiful thing in the world.

I’m grateful that I have been able to just Vanish to so many exciting places already. Although It might look like I have vanished from my life in Australia to the UK. I’m still always looking to Vanish again. Just two weeks ago I spontaneously booked a flight to Italy. I went by myself, completely vanished from my friends, house & job for 3 short days. It was beautiful.

Where do you wish you could vanish to?

I’m about to vanish to Barcelona!

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