San Francisco

San Francisco 

Oh San Francisco , where  do I begin with you.  In the first few stages of planning my USA GAP year, I had been doing some light research on where to live. I was definetly steering towards California or New York, my idea was to spend 6month in each. Although I loved the thought of living in LA , the car culture city just wasn’t practical for a solo traveller that was not interested in driving.

I had read great things about this city by the bay , I heard that

  • the transport was great
  • the people were friendly,
  • the food was delicous ,
  • it is a relaxed city
  • it was very expensive
  • it was beautiful.

These rumours were enough to entice me, So it was then I decided I would call San Francisco, home.

and all those rumours were true!

I flew into San Francisco after an epic week that included New Years in Las Vegas.  I flew Virgin America, the aircraft was very modern , and was the cleanest aircraft I’ve ever seen. I enjoyed the light coloured pink ambient lighting inside. Each passenger had a built in touch screen media centre that had free channels, or you could swipe your credit card to access premium content including new movies, TV episodes or the latest music. The flight was fairly quick, I got there in about 2 hours & the flight was pretty affordable at around US$120 1 way.

I arrived at the ” San Francisco International Hostel” at 140 Mason Street. It was in a great central location. Quite close to very expensive hotel alternatives such as the Hilton! The Hostel Staff were friendly, I ended up staying here for 2 weeks while I found somewhere to live. After learning of  that,  the staff offered me a job. The only catch was I didn’t get any pay, but it would include my board. I politley declined.  The hostel was very old, which I liked, lots of stories high, a very old elevator that didn’t fit many people. I just took the stairs. I opted in for the 4 bed dorm . It cost me $34 a night. Not the cheapest hostel. but by far the location made up for that.  The hostel had a nightclub with free beer.  Something I wasn’t really interested in considering my recent behaviour in Las Vegas.

While staying there , I would be searching for places to live, as well as jobs. After



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