Las Vegas

To put it shorty , Las Vegas blew my mind. I spent my first New Years in the US in Vegas. I went all out and  booked to see Bruno Mars at the Bank nightclub at the Bellagio hotel. It was over sold, and even though I had payed $300 for a ticket that night my friend and I still struggled to get  in as the bouncers were wanting us to give them a cash tip. They were letting sexy ladies in that didn’t even have a ticket. I spent a week in Vegas I remember the hotels being dirt cheap and competitive. New years the clubs charge  you based on your location, if you don’t have a Nevada based ID then you pay a lot more. New Years vegas closes down the entire strip to transport and open it up to the public, allowing everyone to drink on the street. The hotdog stands are selling coronas, people are getting about with oversized themed & shaped frozen alcoholic cups.

Vegas in December was hot. even though it wasn’t summer, the heat still hit us, it was about 35-40c. The hotel we stayed at was from the 50’s the air-condition wasn’t the best and I can remember my steamy hangovers like they were just yesterday.

The strip is deceivingly long. Although you can see so many of the hotels from a far doesn’t mean you will get there quick. We almost missed our sold out Lion King musical at Mandala Bay.  Huffing and puffing we were just allowed in by about 30 seconds. We had given ourselves an hour to walk there.

The following year I visited Vegas again in December also. This time It was my birthday & I went to see Shania Twain. I remember the average age being about 50. It was  the first concert I went where people were seated. Even with Shania’s enthusiasm and dancey tracks , people still decided to stay seated. Everyone but me.  I was up on my chair singing my little lungs out. You are only 22 once right.

Overall vegas is a good drunken time. I have never been into gambling but did have a few goes just to get some free drinks. Ill  have you know these busty waiters do pick there targets. Me being the cute 21 year old I was probably looked like I wasn’t going to spend much money. therefore didnt actually get any drinks. They are cheap enough anyway.

I know I will return to vegas in the future, with the adult playground being able to attract so many amazing entertainers, who knows who I’ll see there in the future.



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