The real reasons I travel

I’ve been wondering lately, why do I travel?
Some people have no interest in it, some will do anything to get away from the familiar. What has drove me to leap into the unknown? What made me sell my car, compress all my belongings & just go for it.
When I was a teenager my parents moved 3 times, I went to 3 different High schools. I think this prepared and allowed me to get used to change.  I moved out of home when I was 17, I moved to Melbourne when I was 18, I moved to the USA when I was 21, I moved back home when I was 22, moved to the UK at 24. Its safe to say I have gotten use to packing up and starting new. Reflecting back I can remember the process was never easy & there seemed to be a long transitional period leading up to each major move. I believe I was following my intuition , all the moves just felt right. They all felt like I was going in the right direction, for whatever reason. I believe I am blessed with a strong sense of intuition and blind faith.
I’ve always just trusted that things would work out right. It’s easy for me to say that everything has always worked out, but I would be kidding myself. There has been some scary scenarios along the way. I remember moving to San Francisco and not being able to find a job for 3 months. I remember not being able to find somewhere to live as I didn’t have a job or credit history. I remember renting a couch off someone that just got out of jail. Living off the dollar menu at McDonalds as my funds were drying up. I remember arriving to London and there not being an elevator at my tube stop & I couldn’t lift my suitcase up the stairs.
I remember having no service and not being able to find my hostel, walking around aimlessly in the cold busy streets of London with my whole life in a few bags, wondering why am I even doing this. I remember going for my first job interview in England , to be told that I won’t get a job anywhere in Bristol hospitality with a beard as its unhygienic.
There are certainly times when I wonder what the hell am I doing. There are certainly a lot more highs then lows though, and thats what makes it all worth it.
Its the feeling you get arriving to a new place and everything is new to you, the sights, smell & sounds.
It’s the feeling you get when a complete stranger puts trust in you and offers you a job.
It’s the feeling of being completely anonymous in a new city
It’s the feeling you get when somebody say’s to you I have never met anyone like you ever.
It’s that feeling you get when you get your first pay check in a new currency.
It’s the feeling of falling in love with a perfect stranger.
It’s the feeling of seeing how other people live.
It’s the feeling when you realise we are all the same.
It’s the feeling of meeting people that open you up to new ways of thinking
It’s the feeling of falling in love with a city or street.
It’s the feeling when somebody tells you, you are beautiful.
It’s the feeling when somebody takes an interest in you and your life.
It’s the feeling of getting a new sense of compassion.
Its the feeling , when yet another dream has become a reality.
It’s the feeling of being flat broke
It’s the freedom
It’s sharing travel stories.
It’s not being financially stable, but free.
It’s the feeling of being not tied down to a job, mortgage , person, place , or debt.
It’s trying new cuisines.
It’s seeing how other people live, what motivates them.
It’s listening to other peoples dreams.
It’s sharing culture & opinions
it’s the keys to your new apartment.
It’s unpacking your whole life from a suitcase
its sending photos back home
It’s making your mother proud.
It’s being comfortable in your own company
It’s being independent.
It’s when someone tells you they haven’t laughed like that for years.
It’s when someone tells you they feel like they are going back to their old happy selves when I am around.
It’s trying warm mulled cider for the first time on a cold afternoon
It’s walking around London streets until it feels like your legs are going to fall off.
It’s a smile off a stranger
It’s the feeling of Scotland’s fresh wind going through your face
It’s the feeling of snow in your beard
It’s the feeling when someone tries to bring you down but you know your self worth & are unaffected.
It’s challenging yourself
It’s stretching your mind to new dimensions.
It’s the heartbreaks, the love affairs, the disappointments , the realities.
It’s about the people.