Taylor (San Francisco)

I first met Taylor at my Job in San Francisco, she was a bad ass bartender and a good one too.
my first impression of Taylor was. FLAWLESS. Her makeup was to perfection! her hair, amazing. I loved her wicked hair! Taylor packed a mammoth amount of personality. Very friendly. She was by far my favourite Bar tender in San Francisco.
we shared mutual friends and she later relocated to LA also. We were reunited and were able to hang out quite a few times. She worked at an amazing tequila bar. She makes your drink strong.
Taylor shared an on and off sexy relationship with cutie Krystal. it was fun when we all hung out together.
Favourite memory with Taylor
Halloween festivites @ Santa Monica. Hilarious & unforgettable.
Fun Facts about Taylor
Very Genuine. That smile.
LESBIAN, a fuckin sexy one too
She likes that DRANK, and can make you a mean fuckin cocktail
Taylor likes taking photos on her phone almost as much as me
Girl got some serious style!
Very hard worker! bitch works them long ass hours.
Don’t even think about not tipping her!
Relevance today.  hasn’t unfollowed  me. I enjoy her instagram photos.