How to get cast on Coach Trip – Jimmy’s Tips


Original Bristol Post article

A brand new season of Coach Trip has been announced and producers are looking for a new group of outgoing and adventurous Brits to take part.

The reality TV programme’s ratings success has meant the series has been renewed and now 12 Yard productions want people from Bristol to sign up and represent the South West.

To secure a spot on Brendan’s iconic coach you have to be lucky though. Last year, 15,000 people applied to be a contestant on the current season – they only needed between 70 and 80 tourists.

So, to be in with a chance for a trip of a lifetime you can follow my top tips on getting in.

My top tips on applying to Coach Trip

Flexibility – With the trip now going for 40 days, you’re going to have to start sucking up to your boss now to get that kind of time off. The better your availability the bigger chance of getting on the coach. There’s nothing more the producers and tourist’s hate more is when people get there and then next week say they have to go back to the UK for work.

The audition – They only invite select few to an audition, so make sure your application is fully filled out, include interesting things about yourself and include a few clear photos. If you do get an audition it will be a group one first so don’t be boring – you’ve got to stand out. Listen to what everyone has to say and try to be as upbeat and confident as possible.

Don’t be afraid to apply as a solo traveller – If you don’t have a friend that’s as passionate about travelling as you, apply solo! I applied solo and was matched with an amazing girl called Jodie. We are on day 11 without a yellow card and I’ve met a new friend for life.

Be single – Brendan loves it when his tourist find love on his coach, be single and ready to mingle with other tourists. You spend almost 20 hours a day with these people, you never know what you’ll find. There’s more love on this series than any other.

Don’t be afraid to apply with your mum or dad – Although the series is now aimed at a younger audience they’ll still throw a few oldies in. Hannah and her mum Helen are doing well this season.

Don’t worry if you haven’t travelled before – They really mix the coach up with first timers to pro travellers.

Just be yourself – Don’t try and be like anyone that you’ve seen on the show before, they like original people.

Be prepared for a trip of a lifetime – The crew treat you really well and you’re fed extremely well with the accommodation every night often being five or four Star!

Tips for staying on the coach. 
  • To stay on Brendan’s coach you’ve got to remain popular. Be nice to everyone, even if you cant stand someone learn to be two faced and deal with them.
  • Be prepared for long days.  6am call times , with cameras in your face from breakfast all the way through to around 10-11pm.
  • Be prepared everything travelling comes with, the exhaustion, travel sickness, food poisoning, heat stroke.
  • I wouldn’t suggest any alcohol consumption. One tourist was hungover and people voted for him because he was sick and quiet the next day.
  • Be prepared for betrayal and people turning there backs on you.
  • Take the yellow card gracefully! Stay grateful and humble, theres nothing worse than looking ungrateful and spoilt when you get a yellow.
  • Don’t try and be like anyone that you’ve seen on the show before, just be yourself. They like original people.

Jodie was cast via Skype. I was invited to an audition in London after a phone interview.

Shaun & Troy applied last season but didn’t made the cut.

Pearl and Ruby got contacted directly to apply.

Be prepared for a trip of a lifetime! The crew treat you really well & you’re fed extremely well with the accommodation every night often being 5 or 4 Star!
Good luck!


To apply, email

Include your name, contact number and your nearest city.

Alternatively, you can send your information by post to: Coach Trip Applications, 12 Yard Productions, 1st Floor, 85 Newman Street, London , W1t3EX