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Best of USA

Some of my favourite photos/memories from my 14 months in USA. 4months in San Francisco, 8 Months in LA, travel to NYC, Miami also. Highlights were serving Katy Perry, Taylor Swift in Time Square, Britney Spears in LA , Shania Twain in Vegas. And falling in love.  

Life in Bristol, England

Where do I even start with Bristol. I have so much love for this city. It really was love at first sight when I randomly stumbled across this place. I’ve visited a lot of cities, lived in a fair few now too & none compare to Bristol, it has its […]

Partying with Chris Lilley

Meeting Chris Lilley was RAD! I can honestly say out of all the celebrities I have met, I found this experience the most thrilling. I look up to him in many ways and appreciate his talents! I’d love to be able to write, direct and star in my own comedy series. It was a bizarre series of […]