Stranger danger!

As a solo traveller, I have had to learn to let go of fear. I believe fear attracts fear. If I was to worry about what could happen every time I left the house I would never leave. I’ve chosen to leap into the unknown. This comes at a price, which is that quite often you will be alone. You have to wait at that dodgy bus station downtown LA, you have to catch that late bus alone. I used to finish quite late at my job in LA live , downtown Los Angeles. The bus may only come every 30 min or so, sometimes it wouldn’t come at all for an hour. During this time I was often sharing the bus shelter with homeless men. I would have many randoms come up to me and ask for money, I never felt like they were going to rob me. This is the risk I had to take.

just recently in Bristol england. I was sitting at a park bench waiting for a friend. It was only 4pm but out of no where too visibly drunk/drugged men came up to me quite fast. One of the men was so out of it he couldn’t even speak, the other man sat so close to me he was really on my knee. Visibly homeless, this man looked as if he had no teeth, although he had to have had at least a few as he cracked open his beer using his mouth. The man went on to caress my beard , complimenting me, I just smiled back. As much as I didnt want his grubby hands on my face, I just stayed calm and chatted with him. He offered me a sip of his beer. I politely declined and got up to meet my friend.


Picture: Downtown Los Angeles, my bus stop I would often double as shelter for homeless. going through rubbish for food.

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