Lisa (Los Angeles)

I first met this lovely girl named Lisa on the set of a Britney Spears  video. We were both cast out of thousands of Americans to be featured in some videos for Britney Spears youtube channel . When I first seen Lisa I was quite intimidated , I mean she looked like a younger version of Britney! I was speechless. We had a great time on set together & remained friends after. I had secured tickets to see the X-factor the season Britney was judging & I invited her to come. I later got us boosted to VIP and got another chance to  Briefly say hello to our girl Britney.
After the X-factor taping we decided to go out an celebrate and visited a tequila bar a friend of mine worked at. Lisa was not familiar with the location of the bar and therefore was following close behind us. It was raining. We stopped at a an orange traffic light & lisa thought we were going to go through the intersection and sped up in her jeep and then crashed into the back of our volts waggon beatle. Thankfully we were all ok , but the little Beatle was a right off.. although she was very stressed and upset we didnt let this ruin our night. we all had a great time and she later revealed she was into girls and hooked up with my friend Krystal.
It was my dream to see Britney in Vegas with Lisa. due to visa issues this didnt happened. although may in the future with Britney now in vegas for another 2 years 2016.
Fun facts about Lisa
Lisa is flawless like britney.
Lisa works in Hollywood for a production company that produces reality TV shows
Lisa swings both ways.
Lisa has a gif made of her boobs bouncing in the britney video.
Lisa is one of the coolest nicest chicks you will meet.
Lisa has a sexy husky style voice