Adjusting to the Pound wage

Adjusting to a different currency can be quite confusing! You would have most likely come over to the new country with some cash already converted. working out the value of everyday items such as food, transport, accommodation can be quite an interesting and occasionally daunting task!

It is hard not to work out in your head how much everything is in your local currency. For example this pint of beer would only cost me X amount back home. Or why was that taxi so expensive.

It is hard not to do. It wasn’t until I started earning a pound wage that I could finally start working out the real value of everything. I worked 1hour to pay for this lunch. That taxi fare cost me 1.5 hours of work.

 It does take time. I’ve found everyday items are actually quite affordable. My 6.50 wage can actually buy me quite a lot of food in the supermarket!

 The truth is though, if you were to convert your wage back to AUD it would convert to a below minimum wage back in Australia. This is something you just have to deal with. A sacrifice. Your wage may be lower here, but you might find the quality of life more interesting and the people better. The culture may be with the lower wage.

 The fact is , you’re not alone, if your fellow co workers can survive on this wage, then so can you! It takes sacrificing, chat to your fellow workers, friends you meet for money-saving tips!

 One of my favourite things to do is to see how other people live, how other people spend their money, how they survive.

So how much do you get?

Bar job: 6.50 (no holidays or sick pay)  + occasional tips, though nothing major.

Office job: 8.00 (holidays & sick included)

Events job: 10.00 (cash, no tax withheld)

What I tell myself is , What price can you put on being able to access such a vast range of beautiful european countries.

I also remind myself I didn’t go travelling to get rich. A lot of the experiences you have while travelling are certainly money can’t buy. I can’t put a price on some of the amazing memories i’ve created & the beautiful people you come across.

ransport cost

11.004bus from Bristol – London . Booked day of leaving. 2.5 hours, 1 Stop.

the pound can go far

the pound can go far

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