How to grow a beard

It’s so simple. Ditch those overpriced razors and just stop shaving. My only regret is that I didn’t start growing a beard sooner! I was always in jobs dealing with the public that preferred neat appearances. When working in the USA I had to be clean shaven for one of my jobs. I hated this. I look like a 16 year old when I shave. People DO treat you different. They talk down to you, don’t respect you as much. I now made a promise to myself and my beard that we will never let anyone tell us how to live our lives. We shall not shave for a job, we shall let the universe adapt to us, not us adapting to it.
With great beard comes great responsibility!
No two beards are the same, although one thing they all have in common is that they have to be cared for. It’s nothing new that beards have gotten a bad rap in the past. From homeless , to rebels, to hippies, to the they must be unemployed. I think it’s nice tha the world is now embracing beards. I didn’t choose Beard Life, Beard life chose me. So I have a responsibility to maintain it. That doesn’t necessarily mean trimming it. In fact I haven’t trimmed my Beard. It does require daily brushing though, as well as natural oils & the occasional head and shoulders.
So what about that Itchy faze ? 
To be honest, I didn’t get it. The itchiness is caused by dry skin, If you don’t dry your face properly after a hot shower, or you spend a lot of time in the sun, there is gonna be itchiness for you. If you don’t moisturise. I was well equipped with Beard oils that kept the follicles soft and the skin healthy. The truth is that the beard follicles are thirsty buggers! They actually soak up your faces natural oils. This is what causes itchiness.
Beard Dandruff?
Yes this can happen and it aint pretty. Again, if you don’t dry your face properly after a shower or you are not using a beard oil your gonna get some dry skin. I did get some Beard Dandruff & It doesn’t look nice. Especially if you are wearing a black shirt. I scratched my beard and it looked like parmesan cheese was sprinkling out. Ew
Cure: Head and shoulders! worked a charm.
Its perfectly normal to loose beard follicles everyday! This can be quite upsetting at first as you pick up the hair and say that little baby took 16months to grow RIP follicle. The truth is though you just notice them more as the months go by as they are longer obviously. Diet , stress & the type of brush you use can determine just how many you lose. I use a Boar brush. I’ve used it from the start.
Be warned. Depending on your job, city  etc, be prepared for basically anyone and everyone to give them two bobs on your beard. Although mine have been 99% positive. It can start to sound like a broken record.
How long did that take you to grow?
Doesn’t it get itchy?
Does it make you hot in Summer?
Do you wash it?
Do you have to Brush it?
It has many pros, it brings a lot of smiles to peoples faces. It’s a great conversation starter. I find more men worship it then women!
The worst thing about having a beard?
Dirty grubby hands in the nightclubs! people don’t even ask, they just grab it , who knows just how clean their hands are?


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