Gglenda G Galura (GG)

Gee Gee , oh good old GG.
Gee Gee & I enjoying a drink in LA

Gee Gee & I enjoying a drink in LA

I first met GG at my lucky strike server job in Los Angeles. GG worked behind the bar. She didn’t just work behind the bar though, she practically ran that bar. My first impressions of GG were , hot asian alert. She was sexy, confident,  quite short, huge boobs & a nice shaped butt. She also possessed a very sexy voice. To be completely honest I thought she was a hooker. Turns out she was a qualified nurse. I had heard from fellow co workers that GG doesn’t like new staff and she can be quite rude. And they weren’t wrong. this sexy little thang was a complete bitch. Did somebody forget to take her meds? why is this girl so moody.  I get along with most people I meet, but GG took some work. She eventually warmed up to me and we got along famously.
GG gave me a lot of laughs! she was very funny, dirty, raunchy and everything in between. we both bonded over talking about cock mostly.
Fun facts about GG
She can sing! & runs a karaoke night
Is famous in the Philippines
Her boobs ARE fake
She drives a rad BMW
She LOVES the cock
She can mix you up a rad cocktail
She can speak another language
She could possibly be bi-sexual and doesn’t mind some lady action
Older rich men LOVE her.
She gets flown to romantic flawless destinations
at the end of the day, with all the jokes and nonsense put aside .  I found GG to be a really caring , down to earth person that I felt truly cared for me. When I was going through some relationship problems I recall GG welcoming me to stay with her if need be. something that I will never forget.  I hope to party again with GG Star .

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