Food in Cali

Food in California (LA, San francisco).

Where do I even begin. Yum . I had the pleasure of trying so many different cuisines. This was thanks to my jobs in hospitality. Most notably my events job. When you are catering for some of the pickiest and most richest people in the world, you know its gonna be quality. My job in catering was very tasty indeed, the chefs would spend weeks if not months preparing delicious menus for these special events. A lot of heart and soul really did go into every bit of food I was serving up to the A-List. It was almost like learning a new language, trying to pronounce some of the ingredients. Hoderves , I had never even heard of that word before.

My Favourite food &  restaurants  in LA.
I worked a lot and always nights and weekends and at times when it would be nice to eat out.
none the less I still found the time, eating out is one of my favourite things about travelling.
LA really does have a lot of different cuisines to chose from, being the multicultural city it is.
You have your china town, but then you have your little Tokyo. There is a big Mexican infulenece thanks to its close proximity to , um Mexico. There are literally taco trucks popping up around what seems like every few blocks. I would always be eating out of these as they were often near my bus stops. very affordable, and although a lot look run down and a bit dingy , in my experience I have always been served up fresh tasty tacos and bargain burritos.

it was about half way into my trip where I discovered Unami burger. (cue the withdrawal symptoms.)
These were the best burgers I have ever eaten in my life. They are also the most expensive. at around $17USD


you will get a seriously tasty mouth watering burger that basically melts in your mouth. Thats it though. Don’t expect fries or a drink in that price. You get what you pay for and it really is money well spent. I will go as far as to say if sex was a food it would defiantly be an Unami burger. Who knows what the secret ingredients are, probably 1Kg of butter, or 500gms of salt I don’t even want to know. I don’t even care. just give me another burger.  They are so delicious they have become a francise. popping up all over LA & New York. For aussies, these put grilled to shame.

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