Be careful in Paris!

I really enjoyed my 8 nights in Paris early February . Besides meeting some friends for two nights I was travelling alone for the most part. You’ve really got to be careful of the scammers on the streets. They could be lurking anywhere. I got what I would call day light robbedThi twice but could have been around 8 times if I didn’t become more alert.


  1. be careful of the young ladies roaming around either pretending to be deaf, or they actually are. They will have a piece of paper and basically come in front of your walking path pointing at the sheet to sign what looks like a petition. I am familiar with these sort of things around Melbourne so I didn’t think twice before signing. The only catch with these is they are actually asking for a donations. I went to give the lady 2 euros and she looked at me with the devil in her eyes and ferociously pointed to the 10 euro minimum donation. I said no thanks and she through a little tantrum and dropped my 2 euro coin on the ground. I just kept walking. This was on a random street where there was no one else walking around, It wasn’t even a touristy area. The whole time I spent in Paris I was approached around 7 times.

2. Be careful at bars that have free entry. Do some research and know roughly how much a glass of beer is going to cost. I got shortchanged at a gay bar in a popular area. Although they give you a receipt with every drink, the bar staff know who’s a tourist and not by the way you order. I gave him 20 euros but he gave me change like  I only gave him 10 Euros. therefore it was a very expensive 3/4 pint of beer. I didn’t realise till I had walked away, got lost in the crowed and had already y drank a bit. The receipt showed changed for a 10. Although I stayed positive and tried to not let it ruin my night. The naked hot men having showers made up for the short change.

3.  This was by far my worst experience in Paris, It was up at Sacré-Cœur in Montmartre, a tourist hot spot. This is the highest part of paris and has stunning views over looking the city. Walking up there you its easy to dodge the people trying to sell you selfie sticks and tacky souvenirs. What you really have to be careful is the african men that actually attack you! Yes, It doesn’t matter how much of a power walk you have or whether you say no thank you as you try to pass them. They WILL grab you by the hand, intimidate you. They start quoting familiar lines out of the Lion King to calm your nerves, such as Hakunna Matata. Whilst stitching an unwanted charm bracelet on you they will try to sweet talk you in african language wishing you save travels ect. They also let you know that its free. Once they have finally stitched the two tone bracelet around your wrist, they will then kindly asked for money. The problem with me is I wasn’t carrying any cash what so ever. Which is why I tried to resist so much because I didn’t want to waste anyones time. The man asked me to open up my wallet, I showed him I had nothing but a few USD that I kept as souvenirs from my time working in California. This man had the urge to ask me for it! Probably only worth around 50p. It held sentimental value to me. He took it. I was pissed off but glad he didn’t get my phone. I actually kept this hideous bracelet on for the rest of my time in Paris, not because I liked it , but I didn’t want to be attacked again. It worked as I came down, a different bunch of men tried to get me. I showed them my wrist and said I already had one. The following two days I went up there again and got attacked again.

It’s a public place and you would think you would feel safe in numbers, but these guys are professional con artists. They do this all while one to two hundred tourist are watching on.

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