EU Delayed Flight compensation!

A recent trip I took to Berlin was coming to an end. I had enjoyed a pretty wild last night in the amazing city when I woke up, quite hungover to a text we probably all would dread to read.

This is what happened to me. Thankfully I was given enough notice that I had not made my way to the airport yet. I tried to get on another flight that day but there were no more available. For me this was a blessing! Me being positive Jimmy, It meant I could spend another night in one of my favourite cities. They were able to put me on a flight the next day. The flight I had booked months prior was a budget sale price. It was around 40 pounds.

Turns out there is a law within the EU where you are entitled to flight compensation. I seen a Facebook advert promoting this kind of service , funnily enough the week I got back to England. I thought what have I got to lose. There are companies that offer this service with no upfront cost. So basically if they win their case with the airline they just deduct their fees from your pay out.

Its basically a win win system. It was so easy to do too. I had the money within a month. What is great is it doesn’t matter how little you payed for your flight you are still entitled to quite a bit. Due to inconvenience, loss of income.

I was actually due to work that sunday evening at work. So technically I did lose out some income.

The process on this website was so easy. Even the paper work was easy as you just send an electronic signature straight from your iPhone.

It says you can claim for flight delays from up to 5 years ago!

This was an added little bonus, I used the money for a cheeky little 3 day holiday in Milan, Italy.


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