Don’t leave without these!

Noise cancelling , Headphones.
Take my advice. It is worth the investment in some good noise cancelling headphones! I recommend the Parrot, wireless bluetooth set. These babies cancel out up to 98% of background noise! They don’t come treat, but what price can you put on relaxed and peaceful travel?  They are actually equipped with 3 microphones to listen to all the irritating background noise and does its best to cancel it all out. All while playing you some lovely songs, or reading you a story!
I can’t stress how much these have got me out of what could have been very long strenuous trips! I actually selected the baby bassinet seats on my flight from Dubai to London. Thats a long flight! sounds risky , and yes there was a new born baby next to me. I knew my headphones would save me and they did.
Another example is my bus trip from Bristol – London. I sat in front of 2 teenage girls that chatted and gossiped about who knows what… I couldn’t hear them. I do know they were chatting the whole way though as when it was next song , I could hear them. This could have been quite irritating but the trusty headphones saved me.
Back up Battery! Yes we all know that annoying feeling, travelling, googling , Facebooking , choosing that perfect instagram filter. Nobody likes to have low charge! I recommend this back up charger, It is quite compact, not too heavy, It has two USB ports so you could charge you headphones and phone at the same time.
It comes in handy! Even just to have if you are out travelling for the day, put it in your fanny pack. shove it in your handbag! Nothing worse then being stuck without any battery when you want to take a happy snap.
For the hostels. Ear plugs are a must. Especially if you are in a shared dormitory. Even if you have booked a private , the noise of the surrounding rooms and hall can also be quite disturbing. The convenience of the hostels 24 hour check in seems like a great  if you are not sleeping.