Christie (San Francisco)

I first met Christie in San Francisco, she had been flown in from LA to help with the new lucky strike opening. My first impressions of Christie was cute. she dressed well, had her own style. She was very healthy looking from her shiny hair to her flawless skin. turns out her personality matched. I felt very calm around her and she had a lovely approachable aura.

 I worked with her for a few weeks while she was in San Francisco, she later returned to LA where she was a manager at the lucky strike Venue there.
Christie played a BIG role in my time in the US. I have her to thank for my job transfer SF – LA. She had seen how i worked in San Francisco and was impressed enough to hire me at her LA venue. The transfer was smooth thanks to her. She believed in me and I was very grateful for that.
I really enjoyed working for Christie. I spent a lot of time with her at work but we ended up hanging out a few times out of work.
I have Christie to thank for giving me work! it was up to her to schedule the servers. She gave me the perfect amount of work. She also put me on a lot of parties! which meant big gratuities$.
If it wasn’t for Christie I would not have been able to earn the money required to visit NYC for Christmas & New Years. forever grateful
Favourite memory with this babe.
Fun facts about Christie
She is totes a Hipster, a cool one too!
She is pro beard!
She is a vegetarian , maybe even vegan!
She is a hard worker and had sucessfully worked her way up in the company
She is mostly single and overall unlucky in love.
She is very independent, moved to LA on her own.