Dismaland (Banksy exhibit)

Lets talk about Dismaland. I had the pleasure of being able to visit this astounding temporary exhibition. It took everyone by surprise, there wasn’t a lot of hype around this attraction, until in fact it was open. As did most of the world, I straight away took an interest. having previously spent 12 months in California where I had a yearly Disneyland pass, I was very intrigued to visit this bemusement park. When Banksy announced it , It really was the talk of the town, if not the world.  The website was unhelpful, if it would even load. nobody knew about tickets ect. I decided to rock up on the Tuesday morning, it was scheduled to open at 11am. I thought what have I got to lose. It is situated in western super-mare, an old seaside town about 15-20 mins from Bristol. This was my only chance to see it as it is only a temporary exhibition and I had plans to be in Scotland & Australia for all of September.
I arrived to this quite depressing run down seaside town. It was pouring rain. I had come prepared with my brella & trench coat , so I was fine. I was quite shocked at how many families had bought there Children along! Without suitable clothing or umbrellas even. This place was certainly not designed for children. I got in, after lining about around an hour. In a queue that was moving slowly but surely. It was 3pound entry. Absolute bargain.a
I spent a good 5 hours here. I went alone. That was sufficient amount of time for me to see what over 60 various artist had put on display. Soaked up the depresso vibes & it was time for me to make my way out through the gift store.
I must say, I was absolutely very impressed and quite entertained at this park. After having a good look around, I decided to film everything. I am so glad I did. There were quite a few people from Australia & America I wished were able to experience the day with me. It was an experience on my own, but would have liked to have gone back on the weekend where banksy had organised dj’s, band & stand up comedy. There is also 3 bars here serving up everything from pizza, to Guinness.
I rate the whole experience as my favourite on this part of the world. 5 beard strands out of 5.
Here is a video I created on the day