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Solo world traveler from Australia

Best of USA

Some of my favourite photos/memories from my 14 months in USA. 4months in San Francisco, 8 Months in LA, travel to NYC, Miami also. Highlights were serving Katy Perry, Taylor Swift in Time Square, Britney Spears in LA , Shania Twain in Vegas. And falling in love.  

Life in Bristol, England

Where do I even start with Bristol. I have so much love for this city. It really was love at first sight when I randomly stumbled across this place. I’ve visited a lot of cities, lived in a fair few now too & none compare to Bristol, it has its […]

Partying with Chris Lilley

Meeting Chris Lilley was RAD! I can honestly say out of all the celebrities I have met, I found this experience the most thrilling. I look up to him in many ways and appreciate his talents! I’d love to be able to write, direct and star in my own comedy series. It was a bizarre series of […]

= Thanking Macklemore =

This was quite a bizarre set of circumstances. It all started a few days before I was due back to fly back to Australia from the USA, I was casually checking what music was charting in Australia at that moment. To my suprise a song called “Same Love” […]

Two Days with Bear Grylls

  Think, Believe , Achieve. I was just your average broke ass 20 year old student scraping by, living in the inner city Melbourne suburb of Richmond.  I had dreams though. In the past I had created dream boards and bucket lists with items & experiences that I […]

Food in Cali

Food in California (LA, San francisco). Where do I even begin. Yum . I had the pleasure of trying so many different cuisines. This was thanks to my jobs in hospitality. Most notably my events job. When you are catering for some of the pickiest and most richest […]