Dear Jimmy


Dear Jimmy,

Hi there, its me, you know the one that’s there with you all day everyday!

Well I’m here to say, calm the fuck down! Sit the fuck down & shut the fuck up.

You are making your body physically sick with all this rubbish you are telling yourself.

Take a moment to chill out and have a look how far you have come.

Take some time to reflect!

Have you not learnt yet that stressing out doesn’t do you, me, or your body any favours?

Yeah life can be shit, we learnt that a long time ago. It can also be great; YOU of all people should know this.  I’ve got some things that I’d like you to accept.

Accept that not everything will always go your way. 

Accept that people are people and sometimes they will let you down.

Accept that just because you care about somebody, doesn’t mean they care about you. 

Accept that there is no good in trying to mold somebody into someone that suits you

Accept that you have to take full responsible for your own life, feelings and emotions.

Accept that you were born alone and you will most likely die alone.

Accept that there will be people that don’t want to talk to you, in-fact they may not even want to look at you.

Accept the reality that you just cannot please everyone.

Accept that you are human. You are not dog, you are human

Accept that you are a very hairy sexually fluid man

Accept that people may find you threatening.

Accept that what people think of you is none of your fucking business. 

Accept that **** doesn’t like you & that it is ****  lose

Accept that you have probably accomplished more in two years than people will in their whole lives

Accept that there are people watching that are hoping you burn

Accept what has happened, its in the past 

Accept any pain, move through it and let it make you stronger

Accept that not everyday is amazing!

Accept that there cannot be a rainbow without the clouds.

Accept that to love at all is to be vulnerable

Accept that you are worthy of love

Accept that what you cling to , you ultimately lose

and once you have gone and accepted all that. I want you to go right ahead and be grateful for all this, ok.


Be grateful that you are alive.

Be grateful that you have a loving family

Be grateful that even though you are just 1 in 7billion you are 1 in 7 billion

Be grateful that there are people that love you

Be grateful that there are people that want to see you succeed.

Be grateful you were born in Australia & have the freedom to travel

Be grateful that you had a wholesome upbringing & never went without 

Be grateful you won the genetic lottery

Be grateful you also won the beard lottery

Be grateful to be living in a lovely flat in a lovely city

Be grateful that you realise you can do anything you want in this life.

Be grateful that you have learned patience

Be grateful that you realize time is the most precious commodity 

Be grateful that you learned money wont buy you happiness

Be grateful that you are able to tune into your intuition and use it to steer you in positive directions

Be grateful for being ambitious & goal driven 

Be grateful you find pleasure in music

Be grateful that you were born with a curious nature 


Take it day by day!

Remember that reaching out for help doesn’t mean you are weak.

What is for you won’t pass you!

And this too will pass!

Remember Jimmy that I will always be here for you! Never lose sight of where you have come from, where you are going. Remember the only time its worth looking back is to see how far you have come!

Love always your positive self-conscious xoxo


If you cling to your life, you will lose it, and if you let your life go, you will save it.  Sometimes you just have to take a deep breath, breath out and just trust that everything will be ok!



One thought on “Dear Jimmy

  1. Dear Jimmy
    Wonderful advice! I know you are writing to yourself but so many of your comments and things to be grateful for are universal and I should take heed of many of them too. I’ve never met you but am often touched by your wise words and amazed at all the things you’ve already done with your 27 years. Wishing you happiness.
    Yours, Iain from Scotland

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