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Dear Naked Attraction..

Repeats of my episode of Naked Attraction is due to air this week along side my premiere of Coach Trip, So I thought I’d share my thoughts on what I really think of my episode & the series. Leading up to it’s first airing I was very nervous, demanding calming camomile tea from my bff.
C4 Naked Attraction
Jimmy Ladgrove & Anna Richardson on Naked Attraction
Hi Studio Lambert! I hope you are all well,
I just thought I’d send through some feedback for my episode that aired on Friday the 25th! As you can probably imagine I was quite nervous leading up to my episode being aired. This show really took an enormous amount of courage for me to do & I was genuinely completely out of my comfort zone. Please pass onto your hardworking team at studio lambert a big thank you for allowing me to be apart of this amazing production. Everyone I have had the pleasure to deal with from the start to the end of this production was extremely welcoming & professional towards me. Naturally I felt a bit of pressure in studio to perform & although you can’t see from the edit, I was shaking up there next to Anna at the start. Hats off to Anna and her beautiful demeanour for instantly being able to put me at ease so I had a chance for my personality to shine and so I could make the most of the moment.
I wasn’t sure how I would come across with the final edit as I know any thing is really possible with post production. I am really genuinely happy with the end result and how the whole episode panned out. Although I did follow C4 social media guidelines, I also had a little peak at what people were saying. I found some really hilarious comments, I’m not one to take myself that seriously & I had a good laugh. The feedback from my friends and family has been really positive & they mentioned that I came across exactly like I do in real life.
I really believe this series is having a positive effect around the UK & the world on body image and how we view ourselves. I know for a fact growing up in Australia, the only kinds of bodies I seen on TV were beach bods on Home & Away. A big reason for me deciding to do this show was to be an example and project a positive message into the world that its ok if you are attracted to people of the same sex, both or even if you are unsure. I really hope it helps some young C4 viewers who are struggling to come to terms with their sexuality.
Thanks again for embracing me fully & allowing me to be myself on your show.
I wish you and your studio all the best with all future episodes and productions. Hope to work with your team again in the future.
I’ve just been cast for Coach Trip on E4 & I believe my naked experience gave me extra confidence to stand out in my audition.
Much love!
Jimmy Ladgrove
Watch the full episode on demand at
Jimmy on Naked Attraction
Jimmy Ladgrove on Naked Attraction

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