Coach Trip Road To Tenerife Bristol Post Interview

Bristol man to appear in new saucier season of E4’s Coach Trip which hits our TV screens on Monday

A Bristol man will be in the newest and sexiest-ever season of E4’s Coach Trip – and it is not the first time he has appeared on our screens, as he previously bared all on TV show Naked Attraction.

Jimmy Ladgrove, a cheeky and adventurous world traveller, will be delighting viewers on this years’ trip to Tenerife.

The 27-year-old bearded Aussie, who now calls Bristol his home, decided to go on the reality game show to see more of the continent and maybe find some romance along the way.

Set on a coach travelling through Europe, the show is made up of an eager gang of fun-loving holiday-makers.

There are seven pairs of contestants altogether and the teams of two have to battle it through friendships and heartbreak to reach the destinations end.

Each episode a couple is voted out by their fellow passengers only to be replaced by a new couple the following day.

Accompanying them is tour guide and host Brendan Sheerin who attempts to keep the group in check.

Since its re-launch in 2016, Coach Trip has gained a younger audience with the likes of Love Island’s producer being roped in to boost its entertainment factor.

“It was incredible, honestly it’s hard to put into words. It was life-changing,” said Jimmy. “The things we did and got to see and the people we met – it was so good.

“But it was also insane. It was long hours and mentally and emotionally exhausting – and the drama!

“Thing is you get close to these people and then you’ve got to vote people off and give three reasons why – it’s brutal and really uncomfortable, and some people couldn’t handle it.

“It’s definitely all about the hook-ups though. Even after filming there’s still people together now,” he added.

“There was the most amount of hook-ups ever on this season and that makes for a lot of drama as you can imagine. People having a crush on the same person and so on.”

As a single traveller Jimmy was paired with another traveller called Jodie, a glamour model from Leicester, but it was not smooth sailing for the couple.


“They matched me with this glamour model from Leicester called Jodie and I thought we’d get along great. But she has a phobia of beards so our first impressions of each other wasn’t very good,” said Jimmy.

Jimmy’s beard has taken four years to grow and is now 15 inches long from the ear or 13 inches from lip to tip.

“But, we got along so well in the end we really smashed it – we were even called ‘Team JJ’.

“It was hilarious at first though, I thought I wasn’t going to last two days on the coach. I have this party trick where I pull my beard over my face and put my glasses on and Jodie screamed. I think she thought – why have they put me with this hairy, bearded Australian?” Jimmy laughed.

“I was into her but I wasn’t really her type so I didn’t want to push anything. I’m pansexual so I was going for the boys on the bus too. It was definitely a laugh,” he said.

It is not only the flings and summer romances to watch out for, this season’s coach-trippers have been put through their paces with an exciting array of activities from the enjoyable to downright dangerous.

“This season they have definitely got some crazy activities, some of them were so dangerous,” said Jimmy.

“We would go from doing a pottery class or cheese-tasting to flipping off a bridge and other crazy stuff like that. Unfortunately, heights is one of my worst fears so it was challenging.

“But I did the TV show Naked Attraction before so I told myself if I can do that then I can do anything and I really tried to put my heart and soul into everything. Some of the days you’ll see absolute terror on our faces,” he added.

“I’m glad I am alive and there are some near-death experiences to watch out for.”

This will be series 17 in the programme’s history and will consist of 40 episodes.

Jimmy explained what it was like to take part in competition, and said: “You do really get a feeling of paranoia and awkwardness while filming always asking yourself if people are going to vote for you – it’s more like a fight to Tenerife and you won’t go far if you’re not popular and liked,” he said.

“You’ve got to get on with everyone and this season Brendan has introduced some real twists into the series to mix things up and stop tactical voting.

“One thing I can say is that Jodie and me were very popular and we broke a record but you’ll have to tune in to find out what it is,” he said laughing.

“It really was such a fun experience though, the cast and the crew were great, it was like the crew were having their own coach trip on the way as well. I would like to recommend it to anyone, and encourage people from Bristol to sign up for the next season. I’ve just had the most amazing time,” said Jimmy.

Despite his travels through Europe and beyond Jimmy still believes Bristol is the most beautiful place he has ever travelled to.

He has lived in the city for three years now and calls it his home, he said: “I had never heard of Bristol before I came to the UK. I only stopped off here because I was travelling up to Scotland and I thought, this is a nice place.

“Even after all the places I’ve seen in Europe on the coach, there’s still something about Bristol that’s really magical,” he added.

“I much prefer the climate here, I prefer it cold,” said Jimmy adding that he was not a fan of the Australian spider population either.

To catch the first episode of this year’s Coach Trip: Road to Tenerife tune in on E4 from January 8, 2018.


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