Naked attraction

Twitter reacts to my hairy body! Hairlairious! – Naked Attraction

I’ve done a few shows now & although the networks don’t encourage it,  it’s quite amusing to see the things strangers say about you on twitter! Everyones entitled to their opinion and I knew what I was signing myself up to. I arrived back into the UK after filming my new show abroad (Coach Trip – Road to Tenerife)  & I daringly typed in Jimmy Naked attraction into twitter and this is what I found… Bless them for taking time out of there day to comment on me.

Jimmy on Naked Attraction. Full story & Interview

Jimmy on Naked Attraction s2
Jimmy Ladgrove and Anna Richardson on Naked Attraction




  1. Anonymous

    Hot man… I nice fur!!! So nice to see a real dude… Tired of all the shaved and waxed guys… They look 12 yo. Keep it up man…


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