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Why I don’t like the welsh accent

When discussing accents in my episode of Naked Attraction, I point out that I don’t like Welsh accents. Although I did explain my reasoning for this, it was all cut out in the final edit, all you get to hear me say is “I don’t like Welsh”.  I thought I would just clarify my personal reasons as to not fancying a welsh accent as I didn’t mean to offend my dear neighbours.

Firstly. It was summer 2016 and I was working behind my bar in Bristol when I had a group of 12-15 welsh ladies come in for a hen do, they were dressed to the nines, ready to  get as much attention from the boys as possible. Giving them the lovely customer service I pride myself in , I serve them right away with a smile.  I work at a very busy establishment and the noise of the bar can be quite loud. Whilst I started serving this large group of ladies, I over hear one of the girls say, “omg look at his BARD ( beard) , I wonder if I could get my gum in it”  I didn’t make eye contact with her as I was busy pouring 10 double gins. I remember thinking in my head, she wouldn’t. What she didn’t realise is I heard everything she said. All of a sudden this horrible revolting human spat her disgusting gum at my face. It bounced off my beard and landed in my ice well……  I won’t even go into detail as to what happened next. But I can tell you I have never been so disgusted, shocked and LIVID in my life. The sassiest version of Jimmy was surely unleashed.
Secondly.  I worked at a lovely mansion in Bristol called the Ashton Court mansion. It goes back to the 1600’s and is popular for weddings. I worked here for just over a year as a 2nd job because I liked the place and it payed well. My boss there was welsh. She was the meanest most aggressive manager I’ve ever had in my 12 year working life. She was a bully, she wouldn’t just bully me, she would pick on others too. The reason why I put up with this phyco for so long is because I was actually employed by Bristol City Council and enjoyed the clientele and my coworkers. My boss would often threaten me of my job if I didn’t trim my beard. She hired me when I had a beard, then used it against me later. She told me my shifts would get cut. I was really upset about this because I made a promise to myself that I wouldn’t listen to anyone that demanded me to shave or change my appearance. I learnt a trick that would allow me to shorten my beard by 50%. I just got away with this , although she cut my shifts and then fired me. She would often say I would look a lot better without facial hair. A comment I despise.

Thirdly. My first job in bristol was at a really cool bar I really enjoyed working at. I was a hard worker, didn’t have a single sick day & was never late for a whole year. I took 10 days holidays to Paris , when I came back I was told I don’t have a job anymore. So I was left unemployed and upset. That Boss happened to be welsh too.

Fourthly at my current job , I caught my WELSH supervisor thieving and had to get her fired, besides that she was probably the most annoying unmotivated, whinging person I’ve ever met travelling.
So don’t expect me to get a hard on when I hear the welsh accent.. it just bring back horrid memories about horrid people of my past.
I have also met a few nice welsh people.
My second worst accent is the Australian one.

So when I say I don’t fancy the welsh accent. I believe my reasons are valid.

The reason I didn’t choose the girl Fenrah on my episode, is not because of her welsh accent. It was because she didn’t really fancy my hairy body when I came out. Again, her reaction and comments were edited out. I was actually very attracted to her.

Wales is a beautiful country.

Love J xx

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