Jobs around the world I’ve taken to pay for Travel

I strongly believe if you have skills in the Hospitality and Retail industry, you really can work anywhere in the world. Hospitality is one of my favourite industries and I’m so glad I enjoy it as it makes working and traveling abroad so much easier. I love the social side of it, I love the types of workers it attracts, from people passing through, students to mature aged workers, to permanent locals. Its the best and easiest way to make friends.

I’ve been lucky enough to work some some really amazing and rewarding jobs. At home and abroad. I’ve realised I don’t really like office work, any job that requires me to sit on my ass I don’t really care for.

I’ve now worked in Hospitality in Melbourne, San Francisco, Los Angeles & Bristol.

Jobs I had in Australia

Some jobs I had growing up in Australia. I started working at blockbuster video at the age of 14. Working my way up to Assistant Store Manager by 17.



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