The best travel bank cards

I’ve used quite a few different travel cards over the years!

These are my two favourites. Firstly the Qantas cash card, If you are travelling from Australia abroad. You can load up to 10 major currencies onto it. There is no fee to top up. It has a great easy to use app to go along with it. You can easily top up from your bank via transfer , or Bpay. International cash withdrawals are reasonably priced! There are no hidden nasty fees. You also earn qantas points on your spending. I used this card to transfer my whole amount of savings when moving to AUS-UK.

Available Currencies. AUD,USD, GBP, SGD, EUR, NZD, HKD, JPY, CAD, THB, AED


Secondly, If you are living and working in the UK, don’t be tricked by your banks flashy adverts saying to use your card oversees. It will cost you every transaction as well as a conversion fee. You won’t know just how much they have taken until the end of the month! I learnt the hard way in France, had around 100 pounds in fees taken out in my 10 days there.

The go to card is MONZO, it is fairly new, coming out in 2016, it is still in its Beta stage. It comes with an amazing app to track your spending, its not only great to use in the UK, but also abroad with NO fees abroad what so ever. This card saved me loads on recent trips to Italy and the Netherlands. The card is free, there may still be a waiting list. You just have to top up with an initial 100 pounds and they will send you the card. You can also easily instantly transfer money via the app to your mates. In the app you can set spending targets and it will send you push notifications if you are close to your spending targets ect! I couldn’t recommend it any more


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