Oktoberfest, Munich 2016

Visiting Munich for one of Europe’s largest festivals was an absolute dream come true! Since I was 18 I had dreamed of going. It has been on my bucket list, and it was so nice to tick it off at the ripe age of 25. It certainly didn’t disappoint! The 18 day festival attracts over 6 million visitors from all around the world!

It is like an adults disneyland! There are over 10 massive tents representing all the different breweries. Each tents fit around 10 thousand people in each.

The atmosphere is incredible. Although the weather wasn’t the best when we were there. The crowds still poured in. I attended Monday-Wednesday. I felt that this would be enough time. If you go on the weekend you can be waiting up to 6 hours to get into a tent. A lot of people start queuing around 9am just to secure a table!

I was lucky as I was meeting my best friend there. Brooke was also meeting some of her friends also , so before we knew it there were about 8 of us.

Beers are served in the steins which fit around 2 pints in each. They are around 10-11euros and you are suppose to tip around 1euro to the server.

Each tent has live music going all day well into the night, playing a variety of german Oktoberfest classics as well as some known english songs. The tents are free to get into.

Outside the tents there are rides, loads of amazing german food stalls, tobacco stalls, gift shops ect. Nowhere really takes card so you’ve got to be carrying cash on you.

People come from all round the world and a ready to have a good time. Everyone is in good spirits, and I would absolutely return again. I think its a good idea to get a group of friends and make a day of it. I do think 3-4 days is enough for this , although a lot of people stay for a week or more. I guess it depends on how far you are traveling from.I caught a bus from Prague to Munich.

Thinking go going? Here are some tips.

Book in advance!! Some people book their accommodation a year in advance! Munich is an expensive city to live in and the prices of up for this festival. Air b&b was cheaper for us then a hostel dorm!

Use rome to rio website to see the cheapest route there. Flights to Munich go right up, It was cheaper for me to fly to Prague and spend a few nights there and then catch a bus!

IF you make it to the festival pace yourself, some of the german beer is quite high alcohol volume. You will be day drinking and may be exhausted by 8pm!

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