UPFEST 2016 Bristol

upfest logogs

Upfest is Europes largest Street Art and Graffiti Festival. In 2016 over 700 artists registered their interest for a spot in the festival. 300 are chosen. It is held in Bedminster which is south of the river. About a 15 minute walk from the centre of Bristol.

It’s my favourite festival in Bristol, It runs for 3 days is at the end of July. The artists basically paint over the whole street, from humungous landmark Buildings such as the Tobacco factory , to shop shutters. It’s great as you get to watch the artists live. It’s a great atmosphere and there is loads of street vendors,  selling all sorts of tasty treats and merch. As well as great live music

UPfest 2016 , Bristol England from james ladgrove on Vimeo.







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