Dear Jennifer Aniston..

I remember working a major event in Beverly hills. It was at the CEO of sony pictures house. Her estate was so big she had another house next to hers just to host private parties. This party was the sony pictures golden globe pre party. The guest list was absolutely ridiculous. Although I didn’t know who would turn up before I started. I was told there was going to be a lot of A-listers. It kept the night interesting as I never knew who would show up next.
To name a few of the guest.
J-Lo, Will Smith, Leonardo DiCaprio , Adam Sandler, Liam Patric harris.
My job for the night was to approach guests and offer them a drink. As it was a crowded house, guests may be stuck talking to other guest and not have a chance to go to the bar. I also to pass around hordeuves.
I remember when Jennifer arrived as you could see the head turns from fellow party goers. It’s like you could hear whispers in the air. I wasn’t quite up to date with my hollywood goss and I wasn’t sure if Jennifer was single or in a relationship at the time. She was chatting, or what seemed like exchanging secrets, to Bradley Cooper for quite a few hours.
Trying my best to keep my cool,  I remember approaching Jennifer with my warm aussie smile. Hello Ladies, can I offer you any food, or get you a drink. I remember Jennifer not even acknowledging me, not even a no thank you. What I will never forget was the stare she gave me , she then turned her head until I walked away. I walked away embarrassed, like a sad little puppy with his tail between his legs. I remember thinking to myself, starve yourself then you ungrateful thang. I soon got over it. It just left me shattered as she was infact my favourite Hollywood Actress. I had just a few weeks prior purchased the complete box set of friends on Blu ray from warner brothers studios. It was kind of just a bit of a let down. Even If I had got a smile and a no thank you it probably would have made my night.. She was at the party till the end. I didnt see her drink or eat anything. Which makes me wonder. Is she really even human? She was however as stunning , petite and absolutely flawless as  I imagined.
Dear Jennifer,
Although you left this 21 year old feeling shattered after that night in Beverely Hills, I just want you to know that I have forgiven you for not having any manners or common courtesy. I realise that not everyone is raised the same. Growing up my mother told me that manners don’t cost anything so its not that you couldn’t afford to be polite to me. I understand you probably go to loads of private VIP party’s in Beverely Hills, and are sick of young people just trying to do their job. I was payed the minimum wage to ensure your night goes well & you don’t die of thirst or hunger. I wasn’t going to ask you for a photo, I wasn’t going to spike your drink, I wasn’t even going to tell you that you were my favourite actress. I was simply just offering you some delicious food , food that my dear chef friend had been preparing for days prior to your arrival. I understand you may not have been hungry or even thirsty , in fact I noticed you didn’t have a drink the whole night. I was starting to wonder if you were going to dehydrate , but then I remembered that massive billboards around Santa Monica BLVD of you promoting Vitamin Water. I imagine you have plenty in your fridge and drank so much of the water before you arrived to the party that you were simply just not thirsty at all. I’d like to offer you my sincere apology for approaching you politely that evening. I’ll just have you know that a simple no thank you or, a nod to say no would have been fine. Jennifer Lopez said to me ‘no thank you sweetie’. That would have been sufficient. I’d like you to know that I am still a fan of you work and it was pleasant to see you in the flesh. I look forward to seeing you in the future. Yours truly, that naive little 21 year old Australian. xo

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