2 years in Melbourne (the worlds most liveable city)

I moved to Melbourne when I was around 18 years old. It was a big move for me. Being born and raised in small town country Victoria, Melbourne was about 4 hours away from my family. I visited Melbourne a fair bit growing up, school excursions were often there. My dad would take me to the football occasionally. It wasn’t until I turned 18 and I went to Melbourne to party like a rockstar that I decided I’d like to live there. I managed to get a job transfer as I worked for a corporate electronics company that was based in Melbourne.
I packed up my little bags, donated my car & I was on my way. Thankfully I had an uncle that owns many houses in the lovely inner city suburb of Richmond. He would rent out the rooms to backpackers or students. I loved this, I got to choose my housemates, I would find them on websites, take them through the various houses ect. The location of the houses is spectacular, very close to city, nice nightlife, close to all the arenas every thing is only a short walk away!
I absolutely loved living in a share house. Being 1 of 6, I was used to sharing everything growing up and not having much privacy. The people I lived with truly inspired me to travel! These travellers would come alone or with a friend, Just pack up and leave from the other side of the world. I loved the thought of this. We would exchange stories and inspire each other.
What I love most about Melbourne.
The food,
Melbourne is such a multicultural city there is so many delicious cuisines to try. I enjoy trying different food and would often go on food hunts. They also have great markets with fresh produce

Melbourne is known for its music. Melbournians love their live music. This city doesn’t disappoint, there are many venues that have live music all the time. Many international artist visit Rod Lava arena & select few superstars fill out the big Etihad stadium. You will see buskers on some streets, some better than others.

The shopping.
The shopping is really the best in Australia. You could easily spend a day at chadstone shopping centre. I love the botique stores down chapel st in South Yarra. I spent a lot of my time shopping.

The night life
Melbourne night life is really buzzing, the states liquor licenses allow some venues to keep open till 10am , so you really can party till the sun comes up. They have something for everyone, laid back pubs with local live music. A great nightclub scene. As well as a select few gay venues.

The transport. If you live in the inner city like I did, It’s great that you don’t need a car. The transport is pretty reliable with services going fairly often. Richmond was great as it was a transport hub that connected you to most of Melbourne. I found it value for money with my student card. I was paying around $15 a week. It has since gone up to around $18. Melbournes MYKI system allows you to have 1 card for all busses, trains & trams.

It is a walkable city.
I love that it is very walk and bike friendly. I love exploring cities by foot and Melbourne really allows for this.

Sport. If you love sport, then yes Melbourne is known for its sport. It has more sport than any other city in Australia. I am not so much a fan of sport but did enjoy going to the Australian Open a few times. I don’t mind an AFL game here and there to have a perv and get amongst the Aussie culture that they take so seriously.

I can certainly see why Melbourne is highly regarded as one of the most liveable cities. I really enjoyed my two years here! I do see myself living back in Melbourne when I am older.

My first year in Melbourne I worked full time. The following year I did full-time study with a part time job. I studied Screen and media in Collingwood. For one of my projects I created this video on the suburb Melbourne. Its a few years old but gives you an idea.

It stars me, I also edited it & did the voice over.

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