Partying with Chris Lilley

Meeting Chris Lilley was RAD! I can honestly say out of all the celebrities I have met, I found this experience the most thrilling. I look up to him in many ways and appreciate his talents! I’d love to be able to write, direct and star in my own comedy series. It was a bizarre series of events. I was living in country Victoria at the time. I had won a MTV social media beer promotion to attend a Mexican themed party in Melbourne. I didn’t know It was going to be so exclusive. It was invite only. On my train to Melbourne I seen a tweet from Chris saying he is doing a meet and great and signing of his new DVD at Federation Square. I was like what are the chances! I was even more excited to party now knowing I would meet my idol the next day!

It was a pretty sweet party, free alcohol, food and live music. I was happy hanging with some friends. I started to notice the people are the party looked pretty good looking. I was wondering what the deal was. A lot of models getting around. My friend spotted Chris, I almost shat my pants in excitement. I had to take a few deep breathes and remember I am 23 now not 16. It was a big deal for me because I was SUCH a huge fan of all his work! I had adored him for many many years. Since I first seen his show ‘We can be heroes’. I remember my friend saying to me, Stay calm Jimmy, but Chris is just over there. We spent the next 1-2 hours plotting how we are going to approach him and meet him. I didn’t want to be one of those annoying fan boys. I guess this was different , yes we were in public but we were at an invite only event where everyone seemed to be someone. I had a few more Mexican beers and gained some much needed confidence. Applying YOLO in to my life,  I decided to go in for the kill when he walked passed me near the bar.

My conversation went a little like this. “Hi Chris, I promise I won’t ask for a photo, I just wanna say how much I worship you.”  We got chatting for quite some time. The conversation flowed naturally & thankfully I wasn’t to nervous and make a fool of myself. We chatted casually about all his shows I let him know Ja’mie was my all time favourite Character & I was so excited he created a show just dedicated to her character. I noticed on social media he was photographed with Brad Goreski a fan of ‘It’s a Brad Brad world’ , A reality show based in Los Angeles. I let him know how I was living in LA and ran into Brad in Beverly Hills.

I know Chris enjoyed my conversation as his friend tried to pull him away, I guess he was trying to rescue him in case Chris felt I was chewing his ear off. We chatted for so long , my friend had been to the bathroom and back. She later asked me WTF we were talking about for so long. Later that night I got chatting to his friend near the bathroom where we were both waiting for our friends. I asked him where the after party was. I was keen on partying further with Chris. He said he wasn’t sure. My friend came out of the bathroom similar time to Chris and his friend asked me if we would like a photo with Chris. I said ok. Chris posed and said to me, so much for not wanting a photo!
They soon escaped in a taxi!!

Meeting Chris was one of my favourite life experiences!

Meeting Chris was one of my favourite life experiences!

Although I got to meet him at the party I was still keen on seeing him the next day for the meet and greet! I lined up for hours in the hot sun for him to sign my DVD. I was happy when It  was my turn and he actually remembered my name! Made my day!

A few months later I spotted him at the Eminem concert. I had payed for the most expensive tickets available. So chances are there was going to be some famous fans near us.
I said G’day to him again but he was being swarmed and bombarded by the masses.

I put together this little tongue in cheek passage for him.

I dream of working with Chris in the future.

Spotted Chris at the Eminem concert

Spotted Chris at the Eminem concert

Dear Chris, you still ain’t called or txt, I hope you have a chance
I ain’t mad – I just think it’s FUCKED UP you don’t answer fans

If you didn’t wanna talk to me outside the concert
you didn’t have to, but you coulda signed an autograph for Brooke Keam
That’s my best friend man, she’s only 23 years old
We waited in the Melbourne cold for you,
Four hours and you just said, “No.”
That’s pretty shitty man – you’re like her fucking idol
she wants to be just like you man, she likes you more than I do

I ain’t that mad though, I just don’t like being lied to
Remember when we met – you said if I’d tweet you
you would tweet back

You gotta call me man, I’ll be the biggest fan you’ll ever lose
Sincerely yours, Jim — P.S.
We should be together too

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