Dancing for Britney Spears

I have been a fan of Britney since as long as I can remember! I was around 9-10 when I seen her on the TV, later that Christmas all I wanted from santa was her Album! Santa bought me her Album and a CD Disc-man. I’m not sure why I was so attracted to Britney from a young age. I am sure it was her beautiful persona and smile. Apparently young children warm to lovely smiles. Britney was actually my first ever single & album. fast forward 15 years and I am still a fan! When she finally decided to tour Australia, I travelled 4 hours on a train to Melbourne to see her circus tour in 2009.
It was always my dream to meet Britney. This desire faded as I entered adulthood. I am still a big fan of all her music. Something that I have copped a lot of flack for over the years. I remember my 3 older brothers bullying me for listening to her. I remember joining Twitter, just to follow Britney!

So I was living in Los Angeles and just casually scrolling through Facebook when I seen a post from her account. They were seeking Britney’s biggest fans to present her with some Vevo Certified awards. These are trophies the artists gets when their clips reach 100 million views. I immediately thought I must do this. It was only open to residents living in Los Angeles. I made an Audition video & sent it in electronically with my application. I filmed & edited my audition video in my bedroom using my iPad. A few days later I received a call from a casting agent saying I had been selected. I was beside myself. The casting agent told me there were over 20,000 entrants. I knew I would stand out with my Mickey Mouse club Teeshirt and cute Aussie accent.

The Advert I seen on Facebook
The Advert I seen on Facebook

I was given details for the video shoot. It was at a secret location in Calabasas, CA. I remember freaking out as Britney lives there. Could it be in her house? I knew she had TV studio at her house. It wasn’t though It was at a video production business.

I was extremely nervous about the whole thing. They told me on the phone I would have to dance to some Britney songs. I thought great. I love dancing. But I’m not pro. I had a fair amount of confidence in front of the camera, from filming myself, to being on reality TV, so the cameras didn’t scare me.  I decided to go all cutesie, clean-shaved, and got some bright colours. I wore the Ralph Lauren Pink polo because I knew Britney’s Fav colour is baby pink! haha

Behind the scenes of the shoot. The lights were HOT!
Behind the scenes of the shoot. The lights were HOT!

When we arrived we were taken into a waiting room. The casting agent came in and explained she had some bad news. She told us that Britney had to leave early to go to her X-factor commitments. She said we would still be doing some filming for Britney & she was going to receive it. Our footage would also live on her website & Youtube account. I was a little heartbroken, although I got over it soon enough. There were about 8 of us cast for the shoot and some of us had different time slots. So it turns out they selected  3 of the others to do the filming with Britney. Feeling a little devastated but still grateful for the experience.

A day to remember
A day to remember

I was asked to dance by myself to one of Brits song’s. I asked if I could have the girls with me as I didn’t feel confident in dancing on my lonesome. How awkward! It was nice to meet some other Britney fans. I got along well with all of them. Lisa was my favourite and we exchange numbers and later hang out a few times in LA.

I'm glad I didnt have to  dance on my lonesome
I’m glad I didnt have to dance on my lonesome
It was a lot of fun, you know. lip syncing to Brit
It was a lot of fun, you know. lip syncing to Brit

Haters will always hate. When the videos went live, we all did cop some crap online. As expected. The majority of the comments were from Britney fans that were just plain jealous they weren’t chosen for the shoot. I did receive a fair few nice ones too though.

Although I didn’t get to see Britney on the day, I got boosted to VIP a few weeks later at her Xfactor Taping and got to say Hello to her then.

VIP seating at Xfactor , where Brit came over during the break to say hi to us.
VIP seating at Xfactor , where Brit came over during the break to say hi to us.

Over all the experience was very fun. I can forever look back and laugh at these videos!

I’m glad I wasn’t in this one much, how embarrassing.

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