My date with Kim Kardashian (Melb, AUS)

This was quite a bizarre experience. I had won this through my telecommunications service provider Optus they had sponsored her to come to Australia and promote a new phone. It was a 25 words or less competition I seen on Facebook, the question was where would you take Kim Kardashian to in Melbourne. Living in Melbourne at the time I worked down Chapel St, South Yarra, what I think is the greatest shopping strip in Melbourne. I also worked in that street, So I suggested I would take her to my favourite cafe down there.

When I got an email the night before saying I would be meeting Kim Kardashian in a secret location I was sort of gob smacked. I started laughing , I was like wtf. haha. I was scheduled to work the next day. I let my boss know I won’t be in tomorrow as I have a date with Kim Kardashian, something I’m sure no boss would hear everyday.

The next decision was what do I wear, who do I bring, its such short notice.
The truth is I went and splurged on a nice $129 shirt & went into the hairdressers and got my hair did. Looking back I cringe at my hair cut. I was just a naive little 19 year old boy though.


I was told I would be meeting her at the boutique store “Betino Liano” an Aussie designer in women wear, down chapel st. Surprise, the exact street I said I would take her. I knew she would love it down there, its where all the major boutique stores are. I managed to find a friend for the occasion, my besty Brooke. The whole experience was very personal, I thought it would be very awkward and rushed but it wasn’t. I actually got to spend quite some quality time with her. As you can see in the photos it was very personal, It was an actual meet and greet and hang out, then we watched her shop while we sipped Fiji water. Just your average thursday right?

I got a little nervous and lost for words, she was laughing at me.

I got a little nervous and lost for words, she was laughing at me.

I was nervous. I mean who wouldn’t be I was about to hang out with the worlds most famous socialite. I was a fan of hers, but not like obsessed. I respected her beauty & was super surprised at how flawless she really was in real life, all those magazine photos I’d seen do compare. Her hair looked almost fake it was that shiny , healthy and just plain stunning. Her complexion to perfection. Her figure she is so famous for was very unique and extremely curvy. She was sooo short! Her height shocked me, I know she gets round in some massive heals but wow she was tiny. I guess the magazines do make girls look taller. As I had the same reaction when I met J-Lo in LA.

Kim doesn't just take photos she looks amazing in real life also

Kim doesn’t just take a good photos she looks amazing in real life also

We exchange some small talk chit chat about how beautiful Australia is, about her being friends with Paris hilton, her time in Sydney, I was very impressed at how engaging she was. She was looking at me in the eye when I was speaking to her. She genuinely come across as a sweet heart. She told me I was very smart & the first fan who had ever taken the actual slip out of the DVD to be signed. I knew if she signed straight onto the plastic it would just rub off.

A bizzarre, yet satisfying experience. Just another example that yes, these people are just humans and they are like me and you. Well almost.

Even after 5 years I still haven’t forgotten about this unique experience. I never imagined it would come back to life and spun into such a funny story to promote that Dating show I was appearing on. Here are some funny stories





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